Scrolling Screenshots

Scrollshot is a browser extension that enables you to capture the full extent of a website as an image, regardless of the tab's scrollbars.

Best Results

By utilizing the browser's debugger interface, Scrollshot works better and faster than most other solutions for full page screenshots.

Respected Privacy

Local-First is our premise. Scrollshot generates and saves screenshots on your local machine. There is no hidden cloud upload.


For your convenience, we offer Scrollshot not only for Google Chrome, but also for Microsoft Edge and all other Chromium-based browsers. For best experience, we recommend to use Chrome or Edge.

Scrollshot for Chrome

Choose this if you are using Google Chrome or any other Chromium-based browser except Microsoft Edge.

Free to use No hidden fees

Scrollshot for Edge

Choose this if you are using the Microsoft Edge Browser. If it is your work browser, your company's policies might prevent Scrollshot from working, but just give it a try.

Free to use No hidden fees

Let's go then!

Start doing scrolling screenshots the right way.